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Our mission is to create ways of taking action to accelerate carbon emission reduction.

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Holding Ground is a company focused on developing solutions to our most urgent environmental challenges.

Our first project is the construction of a carbon calculator. Individuals and households will be able to calculate their own carbon footprint. Information on how to reduce carbon emissions will then be provided.

Holding Ground establishes and works with others on projects generated by businesses, governments, communities and individuals.

We use a customer focus to design practical solutions which have an on-going positive impact.

Loss of biodiversity and the changes brought by climate change are a signal for emergency action.

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Feature Project

Carbon Emission Reduction

A Climate Smart Calculator

This mobile application will help you understand and measure your own carbon footprint. Simple actions will be provided to help you reduce your carbon emissions. Are you ready to go climate smart?

  • Measure your impact
  • Practical advice
  • Reduce footprint
  • Become climate smart

Fighting climate change is essential but not enough to address the nature crisis – a fundamental transformation is needed across three socio-economic systems: food, land and ocean use; infrastructure and the built environment; and energy and extractives.

How we create meaningful impact

Holding Ground is oriented towards collaboration. Each year a number of projects are established. These projects are designed to create and build long term positive impact.

Using an evidence-based approach our projects are directed towards specific and measurable targets. Our projects incorporate sustainable development goals. Where possible, through good project design, we also try to create long lasting 'fly wheel' effects. Much like the concept of compound interest.

  • Empowering individuals
  • Building networks for action
  • Collaborating for impact
  • Optimizing investment
  • Caring for others

Carbon Clock

The Carbon Clock tells us how long we can continue with our current level of emissions until we raise the temperature to 1.5 degrees or 2.0 degrees.

Green activator Starter kit

This guide provides ideas for action. The kit will be regularly refreshed with new information and activities.

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